Grade 4

June 2015 Fourth Grade Newsletter

sun clip artMs. Cafarelli, Mr. Rettew, Ms. Mantell,
Ms. Iannece, Mr. Peo, Mr. Cundari

Summer Break Skill Practice

Over the summer months, it is still important for students to practice their reading and math skills. Here are some suggestions to keep kids engaged in learning and to keep their skills sharp:

  • Daily Reading- 40 minutes a day. This helps kids keep a routine and also builds their reading fluency and moves their reading level.
  • Math Practice- multiplication tables. This helps students keep their basic math facts sharp and ready for fifth grade. Create flash cards and play multiplication games to keep the facts fresh!
  • Online Resources- students can use ONLINE resources to help practice their basic skills.
  • Visit a Museum or Park: have kids explore and enjoy the wonders that NYC has to offer. Museums and parks offer a great opportunity for students to learn something new!


September 9th- First Day of School for 2015-2016!
School time for 2015-2016 will remain 8:00am- 2:20pm!

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