Cluster Subjects, Music

Hello from Potsdam!

Hello! I am writing to you from Potsdam, New York. Potsdam is a town in northern New York state. It would take you eight hours to drive from your house to Potsdam! That’s longer than an entire day in school!

Can you find Potsdam the map of New York? New York State is a part of the United States of America – our country. It is also close to a different country. What different country is Potsdam close to? You might need to do some research to find out…


I am here taking classes that help me grow as a teacher. Even teachers still want to learn…can you believe it? 😉

I wanted to share a video with you of two musicians playing the theme from the video game Super Mario Brothers. They are playing the marimba. While you are watching and listening, investigate:

  • Is the marimba similar (same, just like) to our xylophones?
  • Is it different?
  • What kinds of skills do these musicians have? What are they good at? Be specific!
  • What do you think these musicians needed to master before they performed this song? How did they need to prepare?


Ms. Brigida 🙂