School Leadership Team Meetings

PS 204 conducts School Leadership Team meetings on a monthly basis.  The SLT consists of 5 parents and 5 teachers.  These meetings allow the parents to be part of the school’s decision making on issues, make suggestions of fundraising and to work together with the teachers and principal.

Future meetings will be held on the following dates until June 2017:

November 22nd, 2016

December 20th, 2016

January 24th, 2017

February 28th, 2017

March 28th, 2017

April 25th, 2017

May 23rd, 2017

June 20th, 2017

Minutes are documented and will be available every month after each meeting for you to know what was discussed during these meetings. They will be posted on the school website every month.  Please review the September and October minutes below and look for the minutes of the upcoming School Leadership Team meetings.

September 27th, 2016

Agenda Items

  • Welcome Back
    • Review of members/ Introductions
    • Fill out information form and return.
  • Review September Parent Calendar/ October Plan
    • SLT Meetings will be the last Tuesday of every month.
    • Next meeting: October 25th at 3:40pm.
  • NYC School Survey Report
    • Our school did VERY well with the survey, especially compared to the city average.
    • Parents response rate dipped from 97% to 91%.
    • Teacher response rate increased to 100%.
    • Ideas for prizes for completed surveys.
    • Significant gains in ELA and Math on state exams. Increase of math 10% and ELA 20%.
  • 5th Grade Parent Letter for Senior Dues
    • Reduced to $50 for the year (from $75) Trip location changed- possibly Medieval Times?
    • Installments due November and March.
    • Logistics: record receipts for students who made payments- working with Lilly to receive payments.
  • Yearbook Discussion
    • Yearbook to include pictures of ALL staff and faculty.
    • Possibly an after school program to have kids help create the yearbook… Kate? 🙂
  • Tuesday Monthly Parent Workshops
    • Parent coaching workshops on Tuesdays.
      • Provide more information on organization.
      • Childcare and translations for workshops.
    • Food and Childcare will be provided
    • Dec-May teachers to provide workshops. See schedule.
  • Class Sizes Increasing
    • Students have “NCLB” letters and can legally attend if they have a letter and come from a failing school.
    • Issues across the city with size and placement.
    • Special Education Overload: how can we work to get full time psychologists to help with caseload.
  • Meet the Teacher Night
    • Monitor the distribution of food using tickets or a system to prove they belong here.

October 25th, 2016

Agenda Items

Review of September Minutes

  • Yearbook: Yudelina will do all teachers for photos.
  • Fifth Grade Reminder- bring deposits at PTC.
  • Parent October Calendar
    • Students can wear costumes on Halloween.
      • It is optional for students.
      • Masks and play weapons are to be taken away and remind students they are not allowed.
    • Parent Workshops on Tuesdays during Engagement
      • Circle of Security- parenting class for minors (5 and younger)
        • Food and Childcare provided- Tuesday’s from Oct 25- Dec 13.
        • 13 registered, but only 4 showed up.
        • Opening up the course to older kids- need to increase attendance to these workshops.
      • Calendar of Upcoming Workshops for parents during parent engagement time (see packet)
        • Reynolds to do Smoothies?
      • November Parent Teacher Conferences
        • Report Cards are NOT to go home or to be mailed. Parents must pick them up.
        • November 3rd- 12:20-2:20 and 4:30-7:30
      • Scholastic Book Fair
        • Pirate Themed book fair.
        • Does well every year
        • When will book order forms come in to go home for children- follow up with K. King.
      • Parent Consent Form for Photographs
        • Lehmert to modify parent consent form.
        • Get photo consent forms out to parents- send home at PTC’s.
          • Discussion about modifications and if we can make changes to a DOE document.
        • Monthly Award Assembly, BEAR Student of the Month
          • Fifth Grade is Performing- they are singing a bear song.
        • Parent November Calendar
          • Review and make additions as needed.
          • Pajama Day- November 23rd (before break)
        • Instructional Focus/ CEP Goals
        • PS 204 BEARS Sweat Suits for Students
          • PTA to have meeting to discuss having orders done again.
          • Anne will go to the classrooms and collect orders from teachers. Collecting on Mondays.
        • For Next Time
          • Add to agenda for November:
            • Mott Haven School Visit
            • Student Led Conferences: fifth grade piloting