Parenting Through The Pandemic workshop

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday was session 1 of the Parenting Through the Pandemic April workshop series. We discussed Finding Predictability When Things are Unpredictable. Two parents attended the workshop and one of them was from your school! Thank you for your outreach and efforts to promote the groups!
I am attaching a flyer for session 2: Finding Predictability in How we Talk About Emotions which will take place on the same day at the same time, Tuesday, 4/13 at 11AM. Please share with your families.

The content of the workshop focused on:

  • Routines families currently have in place for their children that provide a safe, nurturing and predictable environment for the whole family
  • The benefits from providing routines and structure for children include:
  1. Routines promote reassurance and a sense of safety during times of uncertainty
  2. Routines promote positive physical and mental health
  3. When children know what to expect next, they are better prepared to face daily challenges and expectations.
  • Thinking about the things we do have control of when there are so many things that are unpredictable in our lives. This exercise helped mom focus on the positive things she has control of and try to let go of the things which she does not have control over
  • We watched two videos: R is for Routine and You Are Enough (Both videos are included in the below resources)

The resources below are from the session yesterday. Please share with your families. 

R is For Routine Video:

Sesame Street: R is for RoutineA routine is actions you do regularly that help you live a healthy life! A routine can include brushing your teeth before bed or eating breakfast before school. Do you have a routine? What things do you do to stay healthy? — Subscribe to the Sesame Street Channel here: For more …

You Are Enough Video:

Vroom: Everyone has what it takes to be a Brain Builder!Did you know that parents and caregivers already have what it takes to become brain builders with their children? This inspiring video illustrates this concept and introduces an early learning initiative called Vroom. For more information and to download the FREE Vroom app, go to Join thousands of parents and caregivers on Vroom’s …

Establishing structure and routine for kids during COVID-19By Dr. Cindy S. Kim, pediatric psychologist at CHOC. During a time of crisis when so many things are unknown, creating a routine helps children in several ways. Creating a routine for kids during COVID-19 can provide structure and predictability during times of
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Guided Imagery for Kids – CHOC Children’s, Orange CountyCHOC pediatric psychologists use guided imagery to help children and teens visualize a situation that gives them control over how their body