Curriculum, Assessment, and Academic Programs

Our teachers have created thematic units, each of which last 6-12 weeks and address the standards in reading, writing, language, speaking and listening.  Our math curriculum is GoMath, and will be supported by the EngageNY program.  P.S. 204 also utilizes the Wilson “Fundations” program to support phonics learning. Our curriculum is aligned to the Common Core Standards and teachers continue to work on creating creative and invigorating units. In order to monitor student progress and help our teachers best address student needs, our students are formally assessed in reading, writing and mathematics a minimum of three times a year. In reading, all students are administered the TC  Running Record to assess student comprehension, fluency, and accuracy.

In addition, teachers use i-Ready, a computer-based program, that provides detailed information about each student’s reading and math strengths and needs.  Each student’s progress in writing is monitored with on-demand writing pieces throughout the year. Mathematical skills are measured through both unit tests as well as three progress assessments throughout the year.


Students also have a variety of cluster subjects that they attend with their class weekly. These cluster subjects include:

  • Science
  • Physical Education
  • Music
  • Library
  • MyOn Reading


Students in grades K-5 receive homework daily.  Homework is to be completed at home and returned to the class the day after it was assigned.
Homework should be completed neatly and legibly.  Homework should demonstrate that it was completed with care, accuracy and pride.  Homework should be completed to the best of each student’s ability.


Grade Homework (Minimum) Written Reading
Kindergarten 10 minutes 10-20 minutes
Grade 1 20 minutes 15-20 minutes
Grade 2 25 minutes 20-25 minutes
Grade 3 30 minutes 30-40 minutes
Grade 4 35 minutes 45-50 minutes
Grade 5 40 minutes 55-60 minutes
Parents/guardians should offer supportive guidance or feedback as needed.  Homework should be completed by the student.  Our teachers are committed to ensuring that every child’s homework is worthwhile and reinforces skills learned in class.