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Summer Break 2018

Thank you for such a productive, fun, and engaging school year. Enjoy your summer break! Over the summer recess, please be sure to complete your homework packets and be sure you are reading often.

Your MYON and iReady accounts will also be active over the summer, so please use them!! You can access them here: and 

See you in September!!!

Announcements, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5

B.E.A.R.S Ice Cream Celebration 2018

On Wednesday, June 13th, we celebrated our BEARS students. These students were selected by their teacher(s) because they demonstrate appropriate behavior and exceed behavior expectations in school. Students participated in an ICE CREAM PARTY, featuring candy toppings, whipped cream, syrup, and various types of ice cream. Congratulations to our BEARS students for 2018! We are very proud of you!

PreK 1 Bears- Abbigail, Beverly,  Kaden
PreK 2 Bears- Hajara, Janice,  Dalilah, Kaedin

KOO1 Bears- Jaylene, Leithan, Khloe, Alyson
KOO2 Bears- Maimuna, Aniyah, Maya, Sarai
KOO3 Bears- Kalan, Shamar, Esther, Ryan
KOO4 Bears- Argenis, Damaris, Leslianne, Maxx, CJ

101 Bears-  Siamel, Gabriel, Angela
102 Bears- Grace, Brayan, Angelina, Raven, Tatiana
103 Bears- Sarah, Melany, Junaid, Jacob

201 Bears- Nathanya, Kaylee, Lyanna, Omar
202 Bears- Jayla, Franyely, Chase
203 Bears- Gabriela, Jose, Jasdynn, Ciarrah
204 Bears- Daniel, Kennie, Amy, Nabilatou
205 Bears- Ariana, Melody, Destiny,  Savannah, Michaelangelo

301 Bears- Angel, Rebeca, Miguel, Charlisa
302 Bears- Dariel, Amani, Briyanna, Madyson, E.C, Nafisa, Jesus, Ibrahima
303 Bears- Linette, Geriel, Chase, Mohammed, Gladys, Jae
304 Bears- Brandon, Lorianny, Arnaldo, Keilyn, Sarah
305 Bears- Jeter, Ashley

401 Bears- Siga, Enrique, Gabby, Yasmin, Taylor
402 Bears- Kori, Maria, Aleena, Yasmin, Oscar
403 Bears- Jasmyne, Alexa, Jayrelinne, Annabel, Jacqueline, Nashla, Amy
404 Bears- Doralis, Jayleen, Delyssa, Arialis, Sayuri, Prisha, Zini, Ariel

501 Bears- Andres, Christian, Angela, Vanessa
502 Bears- Yocairy, Ashley, Jesus, Kimora, Lisyari
503 Bears- Mylani, Ruth, Praise, Neville
504 Bears- Jaida, Nylah, Jabel, Meghan
505 Bears- Richard, Angel, Jacob

Announcements, Grade 4, Grade 5

Ballroom Dancing with Dancing Classrooms!

Students have begun their Ballroom Dancing Curriculum. Students in grades 4 & 5 are learning the art of Ballroom Dance. Twice a week, classes will spend a period working with a professional dancer to learn the moves, dances, and discipline required to be an elegant ballroom dancer.

In June, students will have a culminating experience where they will show off their skills to the school community. Parents will be invited. Stay tuned for more information.

You can find out more about dancing classrooms by PRESSING HERE!