Enrichment Programs

Myon: Students in some of the third, fourth, and fifth-grade classes have been introduced to Scratch.  Scratch is a high-level block-based visual programming language and website targeted primarily at children 8–16 as an educational tool for programming. Users on the site, called Scratchers, can create projects on the website using a block-like interface. The first project tasks students with animating their name using sounds, color, and motion.

STEM Science Program: At PS 204 we recognize the importance of STEM. STEM is curriculum-based and includes four specific disciplines – science, technology, engineering, and mathematics – in an interdisciplinary and applied approach.

LEGO Education STEAM learning solution is for primary school students. SPIKE Essential engages students in hands-on investigations of STEAM concepts using everyday themes.  In addition to learning computer science and design engineering concepts, students develop their literacy, math, and social-emotional skills as they turn concepts into reality.

SPIKE Essential curriculum units are designed around playful narrative-based problem-solving with relatable themes that can develop young students into independent STEAM thinkers.

The first unit we did was called “Train to Win”. The second unit we are presently doing is called “Winning the Science”. Both units are teaching the students an understanding of forces and motion and keeping them engaged while conducting investigations.  In addition, they are developing their collaborative conversation skills as they effectively engage in a variety of discussions. These units will give my students an understanding of forces and motion as they plan and conduct investigations about the cause and effect of push and pull forces.

Each unit consists of seven lessons that are designed to help the students with the process of asking and answering questions, data analysis, and how to present their ideas. Their goal is to work towards determining whether design solutions work as they were intended to change the speed or direction of an object with a push or a pull.