Equity at PS204

Theory of Action
Community School District 9 and PS204 collectively nurture the genius and engage the passions of every child by providing access to a wide range of enriching and equitable opportunities for all, while ensuring rigorous and culturally responsive curricula and trauma informed social-emotional supports, so all students will discover and enact their limitless potential as leaders, scholars, and empowered citizens.

Equity Team:
Amanda Blatter, Principal
Patricia Sousa, Assistant Principal
Mariano Maqueda, Teacher
Kate Lehmert, Teacher
Bernadette Alexander, Teacher
Evelyn Valentin, School Aid
Brandon Haynes, Paraprofessional

Equity Statement

Community School District 9 and PS204 value and affirm diverse racial, cultural, linguistic, disability, and gendered identities, allowing our school to cultivate a joy for learning and a love for all. We are ethically committed to nurturing our community with critical love and building historical literacies to ensure that all students make meaning of their lives, becoming critically literate citizens, and advocating against oppressive systems that have historically disenfranchised them. In this spirit, we will dismantle inequities in order to restructure schools into learning environments where all scholars thrive.

PS 204 Equity Resources:

Staff is participating in the reading and discussion of culturally relevant literature. Some of the literature our staff is analyzing collectively are “Cultivating Genius” and “Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain”. 

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