Faculty and Staff

AdministrationPrincipal: Ms. Blatter
Assistant Principal: Ms. Sousa
Assistant Principal: Ms. Gutierrez
Pre KindergartenPreK-001- Ms. Depompeis & Ms. Benitez (Remote)
PreK-002- Ms. Wilson & Mr. Rodriguez
KindergartenK-001- Ms. Miller
K-002- Ms. Gonzalez & Ms. Morocho
K-003- Ms. Heaphy (Remote)
K/1-004- Ms Davies, Ms. Soto, Ms. Rodriguez, Ms. Cruz (12:1+1)
K-005- Ms. Peguero (Remote)
Grade 11-101- Ms. Becker (Remote) (D75 Inclusion)
1-102- Ms. Hill & Ms. Cohen (ICT)
1-103- Ms. Fratarcangeli & Ms. Torres
1-104- Ms. Matulich (Remote)
Grade 22-201- Ms. Alexander, Ms. Cunningham, Ms. Santana (ICT)
2-202- Ms. Merced & Ms. Santos (Remote)
2-203- Ms. Ramharrack & Mr. Haynes
2/3-204- Ms. Taleno, Ms. Parilla, Ms. Green, Ms. Almonte (12:1+1)
2-205- Ms. Harrison (Remote)
Grade 33-301- Ms. Michaelson
3-302- Ms. Salgueiro, Ms. Milanovic, Ms. Trinidad (ICT)
3-303- Ms. Ellis
3-304- Ms. Paljevic (Remote)
3-305- Mr. Jordan & Ms. Pieter (G&T) (Remote)
3-306- Ms. Simpson- (Remote)
Grade 44-401- Ms. Cafarelli & Mr. Cundari (ICT)
4-402- Ms. Harlarp (Remote)
4-403- Ms. King
4-404- Mr. Rettew & Mr. Munoz (G&T) (Remote)
4-405- Mr. Barbour & Ms. Sanchez (12:1+1)
4-406- Mr. Geelan & Ms. Rosa (Remote)
Grade 55-501- Ms. Greenberg & Ms. Ortiz (Remote) (D75 Inclusion)
5-502- Mr. Maqueda & Mr. Peo (ICT)
5-503- Ms. Lehmert (G&T) (Remote)
5-504- Ms. Levitt
5-505- Ms. Iannece & Ms. Romero (Remote)
5-506- Ms. Knoller, Ms. Nicholas, Ms. Villa (12:1+1) (Remote)
Support StaffAttendance/School Aide- Ms. Valentin
Pupil Personnel Secretary- Ms. May
Office Manager- Ms. Y. Rodriguez
Parent Coordinator- Ms. Nissing
Technology Assistant- Mr. Ziad
School Nurse- Ms. Adetola
BTG Social Worker- Ms. Yaroschuk
School Safety Officer- Ms. Mendez
School Based
Support Team
School Psychologist- Ms. David (M,T,R,F)
Bilingual School Psychologist- Ms. Duarte (W)
Family Worker- Mr. Rosario (M,T,R,F)
Bilingual Family Worker- Ms. Maldonado (W)
Bilingual School Social Worker- Ms. Bellin (W,F)
Special Education Liaison/Point Person- Mr. Peo
School Based
Related Services
Physical Therapy- Ms. Lugay
Occupational Therapy- Mr. Muni
Occupational Therapy- Mr. Cohen
School Counseling- Mr. Drakeford
Speech and Language Therapy- Ms. Macchia
Speech and Language Therapy- Ms. Poller
Speech and Language Therapy- Ms. Prevost
Special Ed. Teacher Support Services (SETSS)- Mr. Simon
Special Area SubjectsMusic- Ms. Brigida
Physical Education- Mr. Reynolds
Science- Ms. Sass