School Information

Attendance and Lateness

**NEW FOR 2021-2022: The school day officially begins at 8:30 AM each day. Students are expected to attend school every day and maintain 90% or higher attendance.  After an absence, please send a note to the teacher explaining why the child was absent.

Attendance will be taken by the classroom teacher daily. Students are expected to arrive on time for class and will be marked late if they arrive after 8:30 AM. Students who arrive after 8:30 AM must sign in at the security desk.


PS 204 is a zoned elementary school in School District 9 of the Bronx. We accept students from within our zone only. To find your zoned school, please check the Department of Educations School Finder Website here: 

Phones and Electronic Devices

Students may bring electronic devices and phones into school. However, students are not permitted to use these devices on school grounds. Students must have their phones turned off and in their backpacks during the school day and may not access their phone until after school. Cell phones are NOT permitted on school field trips.


Any letters needed for social services should be requested 2 days in advance of pick up. Parents and guardians are asked to sign the re-certification book in the main office.  The letter will be processed and ready for pick up in 2 days.

Lunch Information

Lunch is available each day in the cafeteria. Students are permitted to bring healthy.  bag lunches and snacks. No glass bottles, please! If your child has any food allergies, please provide him/her with a written note for the cafeteria manager. Menus are sent home with the school calendar each month. Information about the NYC School Lunch Program can be found School Meals


Promotional Criteria

Students must have 90% or greater attendance. Students’ class work, homework and assessments must meet the Common Core Standards in English Language Arts and Mathematics. NYS ELA and Math exams are part of promotional criteria, however, are not the sole assessment or factor to determine a students promotion to the next grade. Students with IEP’s will meet the criteria outlined in their individual plans.

Parent Notifications

All notices to parents are sent home on pink paper.  Parents will be notified of Parent Teacher Association meetings and parent workshops.  Monthly calendars and newsletters will be sent home at the beginning of each month. Our website is also a great resource for information!

Report Card Conferences

Report cards will be distributed three times during the school year: November, March, and June. Parents/guardians are expected to meet with the teachers to receive their child’s report card and to speak with the teacher regarding their child’s progress in school. Report cards are not sent home with children.

Emergency Contact Cards

Every student will receive a blue Emergency Contact Card AND a white Emergency Contact Form. The card and form asks for important information about whom the school may contact in case of an emergency.  It is important that the information is accurate and up to date.  Your child has to return this information to his/her teacher immediately so we may update records. Any change in phone number or address must be reported to the school. For the safety of the children, please notify the office with any special circumstances.

Translation Services

For translation of our website, please use google translate feature or contact our school office for assistance. During ALL parent conferences and IEP meetings, translation is available for all parents/guardians. For more information


**NEW FOR 2021-2022: All visitors must show photo identification and sign in at the security desk upon entering the building. Visitors will be issued a sticker that must be worn at all times in the building. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, visitors are strictly limited within the building. All visitors must take a health screening and wear a mask.


All students must meet all New York State requirements regarding immunizations and physical examinations.  Students will not be allowed in the building if these requirements are not met.  A school nurse is available for medical emergencies.

School Uniform Policy

P.S. 204 implements the Department of Education’s mandatory uniform policy adopted on March 18, 1998. The policy applies to students in grades Pre-K through 5. Parents are key partners in helping the school maintain an atmosphere of professionalism by ensuring their children adhere to the uniform policy all the times.

The mandatory uniform policy is intended to promote a more professional learning environment and to foster school unity and pride. Uniforms also eliminate label competition and simplify dressing and minimize costs to parents. By teaching children appropriate dress and decorum in the professional learning environment we help to improve student conduct and discipline and create a school atmosphere focused on maximizing student learning.

Following is the required uniform for the students of P.S. 204:

  • Boys: Navy blue slacks, light blue shirt
  • Girls: Navy blue skirt, romper or slacks, light blue blouse
  • Optional: Navy blue sweater or vest, tie
  • Students should wear sneakers on days when they have gym.

The following items are never appropriate dress for school, regardless of the day of the week, activity such as a field trip, or the age of the child:
shorts above the knee and in any color other than tan or blue, mini skirts, pants that don’t meet your waist and hang, crop tops, sleeveless tops and flip flop/thong sandals.


**NEW FOR 2021-2022: Teachers are encouraged to provide field trip opportunities that enhance classroom instruction.  Field trips are excellent extensions to learning.  Students must submit a permission slip signed by their parent/guardian three days prior to the date of the trip.  No student will be permitted to attend a field trip without written permission from a parent/guardian.  Students may bring their own lunches, however no glass bottles are allowed.  Please indicate on the student’s consent form if you cannot provide lunch. If you are interested in being a chaperone, please contact your child’s teacher. UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all trips are currently suspended. 

Parent Coordinator

The Parent Coordinator at PS 204 is Ms. Lilly Nissing. She can be reached at 718-960-9520 or