School Rules

At p.s. 204 we strive to be B.E.A.R.S

B-best behavior
E- effort
A- achievement
S- safety


The following are the ps 204 school wide non-negotiables:

  • Everybody will be safe
  • We will not disrupt students’ learning
  • We will communicate with appropriate school language and demonstrate appropriate behavior
  • We will try our best and show effort

positive rewards

  • BEAR Awards @ monthly assembly
  • Lunch with the teacher (choose a friend to attend)
  • Free time Friday (board game/art etc.)
  • Special Classroom treats
  • Super BEAR award
  • Important class jobs


  • Verbal warning
  • Buddy class/reflection sheet
  • Loss of recess
  • Parent Contact
  • After school detention (A letter will be sent to parents/guardians that their child is scheduled for detention due to breaking school non-negotiables)


P.S. 204 awards and recognizes students for academic and social achievement!  Awards will be given for Student of the Month, Most Improve Student, BEAR students, and 100% Attendance.  In order to win awards, students must adhere to P.S. 204’s Uniform Policy and Code of Discipline. During Awards Assemblies, classes will have the opportunity to put on a special performance or showcase their academic work!

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