PS 204 B.E.A.R.S

At PS 204 we strive to be B.E.A.R.S

B-best behavior
E- effort
A- achievement
S- safety

PS 204 school wide non-negotiables:

  • Everybody will be safe!
  • We will not disrupt students’ learning
  • We will communicate with appropriate school language and demonstrate appropriate behavior
  • We will try our best and show effort

Positive Rewards:

  • BEAR Awards @ monthly assembly
  • Lunch with the teacher (choose a friend to attend)
  • Free time Friday (board game/art etc.)
  • Special Classroom treats
  • Super BEAR award
  • Important class jobs
  • Class DOJO Parties
  • End of Year Ice Cream Party
  • Middle of Year Movie Day!


  • Verbal warning
  • Buddy class/reflection sheet
  • Loss of recess
  • Parent Contact
  • After school detention (A letter will be sent to parents/guardians that their child is scheduled for detention due to breaking school non-negotiables)


PS 204, along with the CHILD MIND INSTITUTE, is working to provide social-emotional support for families and students in crisis. Mentors and psychologists from CHILD MIND work with teacher’s to assist with challenging behaviors and management. For more information, contact the office!

P.S. 204 awards and recognizes students for academic and social achievement!  Awards will be given for Student of the Month, Most Improve Student, BEAR students, and 100% Attendance.  In order to win awards, students must adhere to P.S. 204’s Uniform Policy and Code of Discipline. During Awards Assemblies, classes will have the opportunity to put on a special performance or showcase their academic work!