Technology Assisted Instruction

All instructional members at PS 204 include digital resources in their lessons to support the visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learners.  They use technology in the classroom to include pictures, sounds, and interactive activities for all students to engage in.  Each student has a google account to complete online assignments that use videos, documents, and other tools to provide a multimedia learning experience for all learners.

Technology Resources

EPIC digital library

PS 204 uses the EPIC digital library. This digital reading platform has a collection of over 40,000 popular, high-engaging books across all genres and reading levels. It includes audiobooks and videos for our students with disabilities as well as students who are learning English at different proficiency levels.


Reading A-Z

Students have  unlimited access to high quality literature 24 hours a day. They select from a repertoire of high level interest online books and articles that keeps them cognitively engaged. Students use their log in and passwords to connect and engage in the reading of leveled books of their choice at any given tiTeachers have unlimited access to a collection of high-quality leveled reading resources. They select from a repertoire of high-level interest online books and articles that keep students cognitively engaged. In addition, this program allows for students to engage in authentic student-led discussions through literature.


Scholastic News Online

PS 204 uses this multi-level reading resource in grades K-5 to practice reading strategies that will assist with comprehending information from fiction and nonfiction articles. Articles are available in English and Spanish. Audio of text is included as a support for all students. Other resources include online access to videos, pictures, and vocabulary support. Students receive hard copy articles in all classes.

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